Cybersecurity Scholarship Award 2024!

The (ISC)2 Long Island Chapter will be awarding two $1000 scholarships for the Fall 2024 semester. These are limited to undergrad or graduate level students from and/or attending school on Long Island. You can access the application by clicking the button below.

Past winners can be found here.



Mentorship Program


Mentorship is a professional alliance in which mentors share knowledge and experience to a mentee with the goal of providing a learning experience supportive of personal and professional growth.
– Career development opportunity
– Increase your professional network
– Skill enhancement with customized workshops
– Exposure to new perspectives
– Mentoring relationships inspire individuals to attain their greatest potential.
We are seeking mentors and mentees.
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Upcoming Mentorship Meeting

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About the Speaker

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Dr. Michael Nizich

Structured Query Language (SQL) and SQL Server Database Security

Microsoft’s SQL Server Database Management System and it’s SQL Server Management Studio Software is the number one DBMS system implemented on the market today and is responsible for housing and securing the majority of small to mid-size relational database systems. This session focuses on the basics of RDBS systems, the SQL language and the security features of SQL Server that are imperative to the proper security of your organization’s sensitive data.

Michael Nizich, PhD,
CISSP Director, Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation Center, New York
Institute of Technology

Session Link

Session Time: 12:00 PM


Dr. Susan Frank

Windows Command-Line Forensics

Windows operating systems store a lot of information that is useful for forensic investigations, and several tools have been developed to gather this information. Many Forensic appliances require that a hard drive be preprocessed first, which can take hours to days with a typical hard drive. SANS Sift Workstation contains command-line tools that grant access to this wealth of data without any preprocessing.

Susan Frank, Associate Professor Cybersecurity, Suffolk County Community College

Session Link

Session Time: 12 Noon


Isaac Salles

Different ways to enter the Cyber security field

So you are studying for a career in Security but don’t quite know what you want to do or how to go about it. This discussion will cover my experience entering and working in the security field and some ideas for entering Security Engineers, Security Operations or Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Isaac Salles, CISSP, CCSP

Session Link

Session Time: 1:00 PM


Dr. Michael Nizich

Windows and Linux File Security and Command Line Features for Cybersecurity

Windows and Linux operating systems provide very powerful security for sensitive data if configured correctly. In this session, participants will learn the file and folder security features of both operating systems and the command line features used heavily of reach system in the field of cybersecurity.

Michael Nizich, PhD,
CISSP Director, Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation Center, New York
Institute of Technology

Session Link

Session Time: 12:00 PM


Mentor Expectations

Role Model
Career Advisement
Technical Guidance
Resume Writing
Interview Tips

Mentee Expectations

Strong desire for professional and personal growth
Open and receptive to feedback and guidance
Shows initiative
Demonstrates follow through
Commitment to managing the relationship
Skilled listener
Able to maintain confidentiality.
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